Dick Pond Racing 2020 Registration is Now Open!

Join a community of like minded, dedicated and fun loving runners looking to improve and enjoy running together. Registration for our Dick Pond Racing Team will open towards the end of the month. For all information on the team you can go to www.dickpondracing.com. The all locations kick off party will be […]

Walk2Run Begins in July

Our first session for Walk2Run program begins July 8th. This program will have you train over 10 weeks, to run for 30 continuous minutes. You will start off walking more, running less, and each week increase your running while decreasing your walking.  All runs start at our store in Hoffman Estates.  […]

Garmin Running Watch Demo Program

Dick Pond is here to satisfy your Garmin curiosity. We are now offering a demo program where you can come in, check out a watch for an extended period, and find out which model is right for you. Here's how it works: Simply stop by our store location to 'check out' [...]

Featured Partner: Juice Plus

Learn how nutrition is the key to good health. I believe everyone can agree that we don’t have a calorie deficiency, we have a whole food deficiency. Healthy begins with the choices we make. We’re always on the go, so it makes it challenging to make healthy choices every day. The […]